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Who is a home tutor? What is his work? What are advantages and disadvantages of the home tutor?
All these questions arise in our mind before we start to find a good home tutor for our children. Home tutor is also known as a coach who provides individual guidance, direction and counsel to their students. As we see in a cricket match that the coach gives proper guidance, instruction and information to his players which help them to win a game, same work is also done here by the home tutor. The basic difference between a home tutor and a teacher is that the teacher is available in school and his duties get over as school is closed. As the work of the teacher gets closed at school, the work of home tutor begins at home.

What is his work?
The work of home tutor is to provide proper guidance to his students whenever they require, find easiest ways to solve their queries, assist them to complete their projects given in their schools and colleges, make them strong in their weak fields; for example, if a student is weak in Mathematics, English and others so this is the work of home tutor to polish him and make him perfect in his subject related issues. The work of good home tutor does not end with his subject. His work ends when a student becomes a good human being while getting growth in his career.

Advantages and Disadvantages of home tutor
As we know, there are pros and cons of everything, same is also applicable for home tutor profession:
As we turn to the advantages we find some points:
1) In school, there are 30 to 40 sitting capacity of students in a class- room which make feel uncomfortable to some students who are low in some specific subjects, hesitate to ask questions to their teachers. While at home, in front of the home tutor they feel free to ask any questions regarding their subjects.
2) Around eight hours of duration in school, children get exhaust and continuous classes of every subject make them confused regarding topics and lessons of their syllabus. When the children come home, they feel relaxation and after a long break, once again they are ready to continue their studies with their home tutor.
3) Some home tutors are easily available at home according to the convenience of their student’s schedule.
4) A good home tutor develops interest in their students who are weak in some particular subjects. He finds different modules and methods to create involvement of students in their targeted subjects and topics.We look forward to TutorBureau.Com\\\\\\\'s contribution towards your success!




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  • Tutors in Ahmedabad

    • Mr. VIKRAM
      Qualification: B.Tech.
      specialization: Chemistry, Physics
    • Mr. ARINDAM
      Qualification: B.TECH in fibre technology
      specialization: English, Maths, Science, Physics, Chemistry
  • Tutors in Bangalore

    • Mr. Prakash
      Qualification: B.Sc., MBA
      specialization: Biology
    • Ms. Shabana
      Qualification: MBA
      specialization: Business Studies
  • Tutors in Chandigarh

    • Mr. Vishnu
      Qualification: b tech
      specialization: Hindi, History
    • Mr. PRAKHAR
      Qualification: B Sc Undergoing
      specialization: Hindi, English, Maths, Science, Accounts, Geography, History, Maths / Science
  • Tutors in Chennai

    • Mrs. Vandana
      Qualification: BSc,MA,BEd, BLIS, MBA
      specialization: All Subjects
    • Mrs. Swetha
      Qualification: bioinformatics
      specialization: Biology
  • Tutors in Delhi

    • Mr. Aakash
      Qualification: pursuing btech
      specialization: All Subjects, Basic Computer
    • Ms. Priyanka
      Qualification: Masters in Psychology
      specialization: Basic Computer, English, Psychology
  • Tutors in Faridabad

    • Mrs. Reema
      Qualification: B.TECH in IT
      specialization: Maths
    • Mr. Yuganshu
      Qualification: Pursuing 2nd year
      specialization: English, Maths, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Political Science, Geography, History, Sociology, Social Studies, Spoken English, Drawing, Maths / Science
  • Tutors in Gurgaon

    • Mr. Abhimanyu
      Qualification: MBA
      specialization: Accounts, Economics
    • Mr. Sachin
      Qualification: MBA
      specialization: Maths
  • Tutors in Hyderabad

    • Mr. SAIKIRAN
      Qualification: B.Tech.
      specialization: Hindi, English, Maths, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, German, Spoken English, Maths / Science, Engineering Drawing, Basic Computer
    • Mr. Rajendra Prasad
      Qualification: M.Tech
      specialization: Maths, Computer Science
  • Tutors in Jaipur

    • Mr. Prashant
      Qualification: MSc. MPhil ( Mathematics)
      specialization: Maths, Statistics, Maths / Science, Business Maths
    • Mr. Nikhil
      specialization: Hindi, English, Maths, Science, All Subjects, Computer Science
  • Tutors in Kolkata

    • Mr. Apurba
      Qualification: MSc in Computer Sc
      specialization: Basic Computer
    • Mr. NILOY
      specialization: Chemistry
  • Tutors in Lucknow

    • Mrs. Sushma
      Qualification: Mlisc,doing Phd
      specialization: All Subjects
    • Mr. Gaurav
      Qualification: graduate
      specialization: Maths, Science, Physics
  • Tutors in Mangalore

    • Mr. Vishal
      specialization: Engineering Drawing, Maths, Maths / Science, Physics, Statistics
    • Mrs. Aditi
      Qualification: B.E Computer Science
      specialization: Basic Computer, Business Maths, English, English/Social Studies, Geography, Hindi, Maths, Maths / Science, Spoken English
  • Tutors in Mumbai

    • Mr. Manish
      Qualification: Btech IIT Bombay
      specialization: Maths
    • Mr. Kamlesh
      Qualification: BE in Elelctronics and telecom
      specialization: All Subjects
  • Tutors in Nagpur

    • Ms. Maee
      Qualification: B.Sc.
      specialization: Hindi, English, Maths, Science, Sanskrit, Music, Basic Computer
    • Mr. Muhammad (Professor )
      Qualification: M.A.
      specialization: English
  • Tutors in Navi Mumbai

    • Mrs. Sandhya
      Qualification: Post graduate
      specialization: Hindi, English, Maths, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Geography, History, Sociology, Social Studies, Spoken English, Basic Computer
    • Mr. Prashant
      Qualification: B.E.(ETRX)
      specialization: Maths, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Botany, Yoga, Maths / Science
  • Tutors in Noida

    • Mr. SUJEET
      Qualification: B.TECH (MECHANICAL)
      specialization: Physics
    • Mrs. Chitra
      Qualification: P.G
      specialization: Science, Economics, All Subjects
  • Tutors in Pune

    • Mr. Avinash
      Qualification: B.E
      specialization: Basic Computer, English, Hindi, Maths, Maths / Science, Physics, Science, Spoken English
    • Mrs. MANASI
      Qualification: MSc.Maths/BEd
      specialization: Maths
  • Tutors in Secunderabad

    • Mr. Marella
      Qualification: MBA(Marketinh and Finance), Btech(CSE)
      specialization: English, Maths, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Social Studies, Statistics, Spoken English, Music, Business Studies, Maths / Science, Basic Computer, Business Maths, Micro Economics, Macro Economics, Computer Science
    • Mr. Satish
      specialization: Hindi, English, Maths, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Spoken English, Maths / Science, Basic Computer, Computer Science
  • Tutors in Trivandrum

    • Mrs. Resmisreekanth
      Qualification: M.Ed
      specialization: Philosophy
    • Ms. Avanija
      Qualification: MSc
      specialization: Biology, Botany, C++, Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics, Science, Zoology
  • Tutors in Vadodara

    • Mrs. Hamida
      Qualification:, B.Ed
      specialization: Science, Chemistry, Biology, Spoken English, Maths / Science
    • Ms. Sakshi
      Qualification: b.arch
      specialization: English, Maths, Science, Physics, Biology, All Subjects, History, Spoken English
  • Tutors in Vijayawada

    • Ms. Kanthi
      specialization: Maths / Science
    • Mr. PRASAD
      Qualification: B.Tech
      specialization: Maths

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I want a tutor job in Jaipur city. I have three year experience in teaching job and excellent communication skills.
- Bhavna sharma, jaipur

I want tutions in south Delhi. Class 1 to 6, especially in English.
- Shefali Lal, South Delhi

I need Tuition of class I to V in Punjabi Bagh
- varsha, punjabi bagh

Need for a English teacher (female) for my daughter
- Rajveer k grewal, Ph11 Mohali

hello all teachers i want a teachers who is teaching home tuition for guitar and i want to know their fees please tell their fees
- varun sanyal, bareilly

Best in home tuitions individually.
- komal, vikas puri

so good services. Thank you.
- bittu, delhi

i want tutor job i am doing preparation of banking and side by side bcom and i am teaching tutions but i need one tutions upto class 6th plz suggest tutions as soon as psble
- manisha, vaishali

Me want students who can come to my place... Can teach all subjects till class 5 and from class 6 can teach subjects as engine,geography, education, history, political science, Evs..
- dipayani bhattacharya, south kolkata

Classical and western dance tutuins i want to take. Pls help me and tell me the process to get registered with you.
- ekta gangrade, near bhopal railway station coach factory colony nishatpura bhopal

i needed a tutor job in nagpur near rajiv nagar and i got many in desired time.
- nisha gupta, nagpur

I got very good services from this site. It has been less than a week, I got registered myself with this site and i have got many assignments today. Thanking you.
- Divya goual, Jaipur

i wanted home tutor for maths iit jee at hyderabad and i got a very good tutor who stood upto my expectations. thank u.
- p.v.anilkumar, hyderabad

I had been searching home tution jobs for the french language. Once i got registered with this site, i have got the number of tutions i needed. Now i request you not to offer me more tuitions as i have...
- Jayanth, Trivandrum

You are doing a good job for the parents and students in helping them to search good tutors. Many many thanks to you.
- Satheesh kumar, bangalor city

i needed a tutor job in ludhiana. I registered myself with and got enough tuitions within a short span of time. I am very happy with the company. Thanks to the bureau.
- kajal sharma, Ludhiana

They are doing a good job for the students as well as for the tutors. Many many thanks to them.
- sparshita garg, guwahati

Very good
- Sakhi, delhi

Hi..its a very good service..many tutions provided to me in west delhi. Even I had to tell them that I do not need more tuitions as I had become too busy.
- vaibhav garg, west delhi

I had registered with this bureau and I got good tuitions within a short period. Thanks to the Sharma Tutor Bureau.
- Sanjay prajapati, Delhi(South Ex)

I wanted a tutor jobs in kolkata. I registered with this bureau two years back. Since then, I have got a good number of assignments which was beyond my expectations. The main thing that impressed me is...
- Jitendra Rathore, kolkata

I have got a good number of assignments. I have six years of very good experience with this bureau.
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I wanted Tutor Job in south delhi. My requirement was fulfilled earlier than my expections. Thanks for this kind kindness.
- Jasmeet Singh, South Delhi is trustworthy name among the list of tutoring companies.
- anita rana, amritsar

I have been taking tuitions from for approximately 3 years now. The service I have received has been way above what I expected.
- Srivani, Mumbai

It was indeed a pleasure coming across your site and making use of your services.
- satish mangal, JIWAJI GANJ GWALIOR

I would highly recommend for job in tutoring.
- sunil kumar mishra, bangalore north(mathikere)

Mr Sharma I was a poor man (not now), I took money on credit from my friend and give to you for registration. I got assignments from ur bureau paid my credits. Now I am earning a good amount of money every...
- Sanjeev, panipat

I appreciate your interest and work done in bringing such great results in a very short time.

I am extremely satisfied with the working of this company. Thanks a lot.
- Raveendra, Bangalore

Taking your help was a great experience. We got brilliant results.
- ssreddy, mohali

You are doing an excellent work for students.
- pankaj singh, varanasi

I am highly satisfied with the transparent way of working of this company.
- Pankaj Rathore, Kolkata

I wanted a tutor job in mysore. I registered with this company two years back. Since then, I have got a good number of tuitions which was beyond my expectations. The main thing is that they do not compromise...
- Mukesh Kumar, Mysore

Thanks to them for the good work they are doing.
- Harish Mahajan, Pathankot

I got registered with this bureau and I got very good tuitions within a week. Thanks to the TutorBureau.Com team.
- Paneendra, whitefield ,banglore

Many thanks to as I am earning a good amount of money for the last three years with your kind help.
- Minakshi Ambastha, uttrahalli main road ,bangalore

Its pleasing to work with Tutor Its always nice in providing home tuitions when I need.
- satpreet, chandigarh

Its amazing working with Tutor I always get good assignments in my area at the time of requirement.
- durgaprasad, chennai

Many many thanks to for finding me best suited and well paid tutions for me and helping in growing my income.
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Thanks to This site help to earn Good amount of money in very short span of time. I am 100 percent satisfied with the working of the company.

Its nice to work with Tutor Its always having pleasure in answering queries of young minds.
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- Nakul Aggarwal, Delhi

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- priya, amritsar


dear sir i want to thank you for the timely help. I got the tuitions from your bureau when i was in dire need of money.
- mritunjay mishra, delhi

Many many thanks to as I am earning a good amount of money these days with your kind help.

Maths was a phobia to my daughter: Ayushi, student of class IXth (CBSE), 2010-11. Thanks to your suggested tutor: "Mr. Ajay Marwah", who worked really hard and did everything possible from his side to...
- Mrs. Payal Garg, Connaught Place

I want to thank for the excellent maths and science tutor provided by them for my daughter: Swati, student of class XIIth, CBSE (2010-2011). Due to right guidance, tips, notes, test papers...
- Mr. Vikas, Ghaziabad

I am extremely happy to share this news with you that due to expert and professional assistance from your Tutor Bureau's tutor: "Mr. Navin Kumar Singh", I increased my maths score to get A1 (91 -100 marks)...
- Palvi Sharma, Dwarka

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